Adventures of Little Bird

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is best known for his adventurous spirit.

He has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, catching crabs in the cold, churning waters of the Bering Sea, featured on Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch. He broke the world record on the water with the Geico Team. Off camera, he’s a thrill-seeker who broke four ribs and punctured a lung while riding a bull at a dude ranch. While in the hospital, he had plenty of time to think about what really matters in life—family. Determined to share his strong family values with his grandchildren, Johnathan used his time in the hospital, and some colored pens and paper he received as a gift, to write a children’s story about sticking to your dreams.
Captain Jonathan Hillstrand
"We know Capt. Johnathan from watching him and his brother Andy many years on Deadliest Catch. Admittedly, the Time Bandit is our favorite group of guys and vessel. Needless to say, when we saw the excerpt of Johnathan on the show reading the book, we had to order it. Since we received this book, it is all our daughter wants to read. It’s a charming story with a great learning lesson for kids. For my husband and I, we got a real laugh out of the characters in the book that are modeled after some of the other captains on the show. We ordered his other book but haven’t read it yet because our daughter just wants to keep reading about Little Bird. We hope Jonathan keeps writing books because they are a great mix of humor, learning lessons, and characters that keep kids and adults entertained.”
Laura Smith